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Free ONE WAY Universal Test Account

- Business opportunity -

1. What means Universal Test Account?

Universal Test Account it means a free ONE WAY Satellite Internet test account working on 400 kbps CIR (guaranteed) speed and containing 40 mb traffic, each account, available for maximum 5 days.

2. Introduction:

InterNetCon develop last 2 years a unique technology of releasing ONE WAY Satellite Internet test account immediately after visitor request. The engine it is working automatically and also protected by abuses. No human intervention required.

3. Our risk free business proposal:

InterNetCon give you the opportunity to offering to all your visitors free test accounts. This is done placing on your website a page where anyone can apply for a free test account. We offer this service free of charge. The risk free business we propose right now can be less important for you today but working on our reliable infrastructure can mean very much for you in short time depending how much you involve in further development.

4. Why this opportunity is good for you?

  • It is required only 30 minutes to can add to your website a new page contain the request form.
  • You can offer to your visitors, via your website, a free service, making your website more attractive and accessible.
  • If you are already reseller of one way services than offering free test account to your visitors your services will become popular much faster.
  • If you are reseller of one way services and your present coverage it is different than ours than you have the opportunity to contact customers uncovered till now and to create a new business.
  • If you are new in satellite internet business than you can take this opportunity as your next stage of growing your business interest.
  • If you are producer of satellite equipments parts you have now the opportunity to expand your services with this one completely free of charge.
  • If you own a website based on satellite technology or satellite magazine website you have the opportunity to add a free service for all your visitors and doing this will add you tremendous benefits later. If your visitors will enjoy this free service you will have the chance to enlarge your business perspective with surprising new deals.
  • If you are our competitor we will be glad to offering you this service as we offer to anyone else. We operate a highly available satellite platform and we have no idea when you might decide to move your services to run on our infrastructure.

5. Immediate benefits:

  • offering a free services to your visitors
  • improving services offered by you
  • because via this opportunity more visitors will test services offered by you and enjoy the 400 kbps account they will buy your existing services, you will have bigger incomes
  • offering you an image about the reliability of our platform
  • once you notice the visitors impression you can think to a more consistent business with us in a wide range from reselling our services up till selling your own deigned services running up linked by us

6. Long terms benefits:

  • offering a free services to your visitors
  • during this free offer you build a relationship with us who might be in your benefit in future
  • working with us in this Free Test Account service you will become familiar with our way of organizing and might enjoy very much our work style
  • as a partner of us your project will be served with priority
  • you can enjoy

7. Business opportunity - risk free:

You might join our affiliate program for your own reasons in the beginning but you might have the surprise on the way and notice that your users are very happy with the test account so they asking for commercial account. In this case you can see how this free services turns into a new business for you. Do not be surprised and continue on this path of growing your services (company) because you already know our infrastructure and reliability.

Once you decide to sell commercial services you can choose to sell our services or your own model of services designed based on your customers' requirements in terms of prices/performance. We will assist you during all this period.

8. How Free Test Account function?

  • you place a special page on your website
  • your visitors make a test account request
  • in 10 minutes they receive an email asking them to click on a link as a confirmation
  • after they click on that link, they receive free test account in 30-90 minutes

Emails they receive are sending from your email address. The email contains your signature. Your privacy are completely protected because everything will be send and done in your name and your company will be the only front end noticed by the customer. We provide full outsourcing on this service.

It will be a maximum of 2 test accounts for the same user in the current month doesn't matter if he done it this requests from different affiliates websites. We offer 2 test account per month and 6 test accounts per 6 months to the same user.

The click we talk about up here it is on a website witch is purely designed for research and the only commercial information founded by the customer on that website it is yours ! The link need to be on a website hosted to our platform from technical reasons, to can control when the user click and confirm his email to forward his request into final stage.

9. How you can join?

Anyone who fulfills all the requirements down here is eligible to become affiliate for ONE WAY Universal Test Account !

  • you need to have a satellite related business and website
  • you need to use two test account from our website (to use = to make traffic)
  • you need to agree with materials presented on this website and to accept that the website it will remain next 3 years for purely research.
  • you need to accept to place a page inside a frame on your website
  • you need to fill the form ONE WAY Universal Test Account Affiliate

10. ONE WAYONE WAYUniversal Test Account Affiliate form:

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