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We kindly invite you to locate your problem and carefully search this page for exact solution.
As always a better understand of the technology it helps you to locate your problem and solution much faster. We kindly invite you to read carefully Technical Details page (containing principles of ONE WAY), VPN Settings or Full Route principles (as authentification) and Site Guide (extrausefull for beginners who intend to learn).

1. DVB карты
TechniSat Sky2

2. Настойки DVB
Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac / OS2

3. Настройка VPN
Windows 98, 2000, NT 4, Me, XP
Linux 2
Linux 3

4. Troubleshoting
Troubleshoting manual (Нужен Macromedia Flash Player 5)

5. Подсоединение сети к Сервису Satelit InterNetCon ONE WAY
Connecting network to InterNetCon Satellite Service

Simple network Network with ONE WAY service installed on a dedicated server Network with ONE WAY service installed directly on the gateway server

6. Delivering ONE WAY Satellite Internet Service to a entire Network via a
Gateway Server performing Proxy, Cache and NAT
and using RRAS and Dial Up for Internet Backbone connectivity !
RAR archive - 2MB

- How can we find the MAC address for a DVB card in Windows?
- How can we find the MAC address for a DVB card in Windows 2000?

- How to setup InterNetCon service on Windows 2000 server using RRAS
- Microsoft ISA Server & InterNetCon on the same computer
- Microsoft ISA Server configuration after installation

Наш сервис ONE WAY был испытан как на платформе Windows так и на платформе Linux и результаты были очень хорошие.


On-line documentation

Форум для обсуждения
On forum you can talk about almost all problems with satellite internet, web design and web hosting.

частые вопросы
You can ask a question, or see some problems that other users had regarding our Satellite Internet Services


- Bandwidth test
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- Анкеты
- Newsletter


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