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Services guide

ONE WAY Satellite Internet overview site guide:

Is our intention to make this site more familiar.
We present a short guide about an efficient way to use different sections of the site:

About us: who we are, few words about our experience and our past.
Services: - we offer ONE WAY Satellite internet services covering different geographical areas of the world. This service was designed carefully, after a practical experience of 4 years, and can satisfy the requirements of most our customers. Moreover customised services are also possible. The services presented on our website are grouped in:
  • limited - a- this service offers guaranteed high speed and you pay per traffic.
    • This service is recommended to corporate users who demand quality; to business focused users; to internet caffes who want to offer quality first; private persons.
    • This service is not recommended for heavy download environments, excepting highly profitable ones.
  • unlimited - this service doesn't offer guaranteed bandwidth, but management of this service maintains it in very good looking performance criteria. This service has only one kind of limitation: if a specific one time intensive traffic is encountered ,then bandwitdh decreases to 30% till traffic patern returns to normal. However the volume of one time intensive traffic is quite big (see table) and if the size of the downloaded file is extremely huge, can be completed in two sessions without great problems.
    To resume, the service behaviours: after intensive traffic the bandwitdh decreases until traffic returns to normal; after traffic returns to normal, the bandwitdh returns to normal as well.
    • This service is recommended to environments where download activities occur often then other type of traffic. The service might fit with cybercafes, small networks, private persons with high download requirements.
    • The service is not recommended for business customers who require 24 h per day maximum quality.
  • Browsing only - this service is a special service and we recommend you to read carefully the specification. This service is a mixture of quality, unlimited traffic and small price. To fulfill all this criteria at the same time definetely some limitations should occur. This service was designed like unlimited services (read up here ) but the intensive traffic limitis much lower (see the table).
    • We recommend this service for home users always connected, for very small businesses oriented to browsing, email, very small downloads.
    • We do not recommend this service to internet clubs of any kind,small home networks or business focused users.
  • ISP - this service is focused on ISP who need to know exactly what they got. This is a flexible service customisable, negociable, which fulfilles the requirement of ISP, or enterprise with multiple location. This service is designed for business users of any kind. This service can be installed on the main router of the ISP so the request of the private network are sended terestrially and the response comes via satellite for each host.The service is expensive for non exclusive business to business business customers.
    • The service is designed for business to business users and applies only to this category.
    • The service is not recommended for cybercafes, small home users, private persons.
  • One of the most delicate, professional and profitable(from customer point of view) application of ONE WAY ISP service is "VOIP termination".Carrier parameter of ONE WAY ISP service are fulfilling all requirements of "VOIP termination" service.For this application, multiple activities are customisable. We kindly invite you to contact our management board for discussing this business oportunity case by case.

Conclusions: We kindly advise you to choose the service you really need and not the service you wish. Most of the time most of the cusstomers of any kind choose expensive service even after a short and correct analisys of their real need they admit that the requirements are much much lower. We strongly believe that the services offered improve your internet experience and positively influence your business and knowledge. And now we kindly invite you to test our services. We always recommend to test our ONE WAY service before buying.
Condition to use our services: ONE WAY satellite internet it means receiver only. The advantages of this kind of service are: cheap requirements, easy installation, highly scalable from single home user till enterprise with hundreds of locations. Disadvantage of this service type is that to work it is required to already have an internet connection on that computer (dial-up, wireless, GSM, mobile CDMA, GPRS, optical fibre). If you want detalied information about this service model we invite you to visit technical information and read carefully.
Coverage: our services can only be accessed if you plan to use them inside the coverage area of the satellite we use.:
  • Europe + Nord Africa + Ѕ Middle East - covered by ….. satellite
  • Middle East + - covered by ….. satellite
  • Iran, Pakistan, India - covered by ….. satellite
  • Subsaharian Africa - covered by ….. satellite
  • South America - covered by ….. satellite
Test accounts: - For most of the company offering something for free is a method of hidden "advertise". In our vision free test accounts have more purposes: from customer perspective the test accounts have the mission to let him become familiar with our quality, make him familiar with our easy to work style, as well with our end user management interface.You can do this on your own any time and in 15 min are applied on the satellite service you belong.From our perspective we enjoy seeing that the customer knows how to use our technology and it's a sign of the customer's satisfaction after he sweetches to commercial account. More or less the test account is a necessary step between a "wish of having satellite internet" and "a happy customer"

- test accounts are ofered automatically by a very clever engine capable to detect abuses. We recomand you to read and follow the therms and condition for test accounts.

We have two kinds of test account
  • normal test account - it contain 40 mb, running on speed of 400 kbps
  • special test accounts - it contain 200 mb
      to receive this special account you have several options:
      - answer to some questions releated to your website and not only
      - recomand our website to 10 of your friends
      - recomand us 3 company of competition


On-line documentation

Форум для обсуждения
On forum you can talk about almost all problems with satellite internet, web design and web hosting.

частые вопросы
You can ask a question, or see some problems that other users had regarding our Satellite Internet Services


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We cut-off the prices for unlimited services:
- Check out the new unlimited services prices

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