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Интернет по спутнику - InterNetCon

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InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology

InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology is based on a deep understanding of all players (Telecom, Resellers and End Users) expectation and requirements. We create a powerful solution witch bring the performance of satellite internet services very close to optical fiber quality. At very basic our technology is based on real-time multiple parallel and synchronized optimization procedures.

- double customers on the same bandwidth and same time
- 150-1000% faster Browsing with an average of 320%

Интернет по спутнику - ONE WAY

Услуги ONE WAY предназначены для частых лиц , малых и средних фирм и справляется хорошо с потребностями интернет клубов и офисов, но они определенно не предназначены для провайдеров.

Интернет по спутнику - ONE WAY ISP

Это услуги предназначенные для крупных провайдеров, предлагающие 100%-ый канал данных используя профессиональное VSAT оборудование

Интернет по спутнику - ONE WAY Full Route

Full Route service offer tremendous more power for a small ISP or Enterprise networks in his first step to an professional service (dedicated or burstable ISP service)

Firewall settings implemented on the satellite service

This article present the firewall rules in place on our satellite internet services. We invite you to read it carefully if you have serious intentions to implement our services inside your network.


On-line documentation

Форум для обсуждения
On forum you can talk about almost all problems with satellite internet, web design and web hosting.

частые вопросы
You can ask a question, or see some problems that other users had regarding our Satellite Internet Services


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