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ISA Server and InterNetCon on same computer - One Way satellite internet

(a satellite Internet service based on DVB technology)

This documentation it is usefully if it is desired to install a satellite service on a ISA server

First of all you need to install the satellite service and to see it working.

0. Install ISA Server in the mode CACHE or INTEGRATED. Choose Integrated only if you are interested to give different priority to every customers or you need to route other services excepting HTTP. If you choose CACHE ONLY than the ISA Management Interface will not have the options belong to the Integrated mode and will be more easy to setup.

1. Define the elements from "Client address Sets", "Destination sets", "Protocol definition", "Content group", "Site and content rules" and "Protocol rules"

2. If in case you should also define "Bandwidth priorities", "Bandwidth Rules" and "IP Packet filters" if the default settings are not enough

3. You can go to building the rules (with the objects defined before) in "site and content rules" you should create 2 rules witch allow traffic based on IP and USERNAME.

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In "Protocol rules" it is need to create at least 2 rules like up here, who allow the users access based on IP and USERNAME

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4. It is important than the properties of IA computers to be defined correctly.

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5. The cache property settings can be consulted from "cache" screen shoot.

6. If you have an anti virus who know to scan the HTTP traffic made trough ISA it is excellent because it allows you to see real time where the customers browsing and even amuse you about customers behavior when try to open a web page with virus inside including the e-mail box from Yahoo or Hotmail and in steed to see the message they receive an "Infected Web Page" message on the screen.

7. "Network Configuration / routing" allows you to specify the route till a specific destination. Per example if ISA it is connected to an upstream proxy server than here you can setup that some sites will be loaded from this upstream proxy server or will be loaded directly from Internet. If your ISA it is setup for a VPN link with a satellite service than to be able to reach some sites directly (not trough satellite) it is necessary to setup that routes in RRAS or in some BAT kind of the file.

ATTENTION ! To have an ISA working well you need to correctly define LAT (Local Address Table) and LDT (Local Domain Table)

Other very clever and interesting facility of ISA it is:
- "bandwidth management" but in a special way, based on PRIORITY, not necessary as we are used in Eastern Europe
- "database logging" (SQL per example) it help very much in we have a large volume of logs
- ARRAY facility it means to put together the cache from two or more ISA servers. One ISA server correctly setup can increase the customers browsing till 40 %. Two ISA servers in Array can increase the customers browsing experience till 75 %. It is delicate to setup 2 ISA servers in ARRAY especially when everyone it is connected to a satellite service, but can be very productive and increasing performance very much.
- the ability to block some files types accessed by the users

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