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Online documentation - ONE WAY satellite internet - Firewall considerations

This material refer only to our becoming customers and his only purpose it is to answer to questions and bring clarification about the service they are going to have.

This material requires minimal knowledge about firewalls. If you are a standard user than advice you do not worry, we protect you in several ways and we done everything possible to offer you a quality clean internet line ready to improve your internet experience and support your daily communications need.

When we design the DVB platform we intend to have maximum flexibility. One of the key devices to keep the performance up it is to have good and robust hardware firewall in place.

Good network administrators know statistics of the internet traffic these days as being more than 75 % only viruses, trojans and general mess, not useful traffic. The logic is simple: if we clean up this mess the service performance increases instantly.

The firewall strategy we use for the both cases of cusstomers: VPN and Full Route it is the following:

    Internal > External
  • allow everything
  • excepting port scans, spreading viruses, trojans
    External > Internal
  • deny everything

Now we would like to bring few explanations for this firewall strategy.

    VPN Customers:
  • - because of the technology, if we open all ports from External to Internal than the customers paying per traffic can be unpleasant surprised to see that traffic was made into their account even if they was not having VPN established. To avoid these unpleasant situations we setup the firewall to completely block everything from external to internal. These settings are ok for a standard customer who browse, download, chat, etc. and protect him in all possible ways. No one can make him unwanted traffic

  • - but if the user are on the top of the mountain making uplink via GSM and intend to use internet satellite service to receive emails via satellite, video conference or other particular service it is possible to not being able to work. In this way we setup particular firewall settings for every special VPN customers by demand

  • - particular firewall for each customer it is done free of charge if their subscription it is over 140 euro / month

  • - particular firewall settings can be done also for any customers with lower subscription at reasonable price

  • - dream systems who setup the firewall real time if the customer establish the VPN are possible to be done but theoretically since till now we never heard someone offering this solution
    Full Route Customers:
  • - full route customers technology it is very simple: users make the request, this goes trough the internet till destination without touching our satellite platform, the destination reply and the reply goes over internet again till our satellite platform, cross our platform and jump over satellite, arriving after all on the customer pc
  • - because only the replies will come from Internet to our satellite platform we will let enter only the replies and all the sessions initiated outside it will be blocked

During this page we only want to inform you that we care about every bit we deliver to you and we encourage the business users to contact us for particular firewall settings even if they use VPN or Full Route.

Короткое представление | Технические детали | Испытание полосы пропускания | On-line документация | Детали | Цены Поставщики | Оборудование | Покрытие | Форма запроса счета TEST | Форма запроса счета TEST




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