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About InterNetCon

About InterNetCon   |    Last news

About InterNetCon

- InterNetCon has recently increased the ONE WAY satellite stream, thus getting among the first 10 ONE WAY services in the world from the capacityís point of view. Our bandwidth management allows us to trully offer a real 75-80 % percentage of the bandwidth available to each customer. A full explanation will be available within a few days, after completing the web site redesign.

- InterNetCon scheduled at the end of April the release of the long awaited web based management interface for end users and resellers. This will offer many features to all levels, from the end customer to the resellers level.

- InterNetCon will launch his VoIP services very soon, operating probably on the most robust VoIP Platform in the world. Good prices, always available, low bandwidth required, working over any internet link, these are only a few of the features that will be available from the beginning

- InterNetCon is your business partner for many services including: wireless equipment, ONE WAY and TWO WAY satellite internet, VoIP, web design, web hosting, security, firewall and bandwidth shaping solutions, e-mail and proxy software, etc.

Our plans for the future seek to make use of a lot of energy and diligence. We are planning to focus on offering internet access at reasonable prices for our Romanian and East-European clients.

We are aware that a company's most valuable asset is the company staff. Their diligence reflects in the company's efficiency, their work reflects in the company's strenght, their intelligence is a proof for the future, and their welfare shows the companyís success.

We are continuously searching for dilligent and skillful associates willing to cooperate with us. We support persons and small companies in their development if we share common interests.

We also offer support to any corporate and small company with similar interests.

I welcome you to try our services and hope to collaborate in the nearby future!

Bogdan Florin
InternetCon ltd


  • We have succesfully launched our own Satellite Internet DVB Platform. Its well implemented functionality made it a very stable ONE WAY Platform (details)
  • We are preparing the launch of our own Two Way satellite Internet Service (details)
  • We are preparing the launch of the Content Delivery on top of the present DVB Platform (details)

The DVB Platform

Our own DVB Platform has been recently launched. With its perfect design, completely functional and having smart features, is one of the most stable DVB platform at this moment. And it can be used very easily, through its web management interface 100 % secure. Once an account is created, it will be enabled in a couple of seconds and it will be able to make traffic within the next 3 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the user's bandwidth management and the firewall strategy will be automatically setup. We have incorporated in our interface 2 extremely reliable products, in order to achieve this goal: to manage the bandwidth and firewall, which made the number of the services we are able to offer virtually unlimited. We can create professional channels (dedicated bandwidth), as well as shared bandwidth services, very congested, unexpensive and of a reasonably quality, or in any other combinations.

The power of the new platform is increased by its new feature: it can deliver more public IP addresses through a One Way link to the same customer. Other services, like dedicated bandwidth for multipoints and balanced bandwidth for them are possible. We couldn't actually find customers with requests impossible to accomplish with this new platform

Many thanks to our technical support team for this brand new platform
We will provide more details about this platform and we intend to sell it in the near future

Two Way Small ISP

InterNetCon has previously co-operated with some of the largest companies in this field, within the last few years. Unfortunately, the bigger the company is, the worse are its arisen problems. We learned from this experience and we decided to launch our own Two Way Service, called Small ISP. This service will soon be able to meet the demands of Internet and quality services of any network made of one up to 1000 computers. And the prices will be very flexible as well. More than that, to increase its power, you will be able to combine the One Way service with the Two Way service Small ISP. Other features, like firewall, special bandwidth strategy or personalised demands will be easier to be accessed.

We have not yet decided the launching date of this new service, due to its complexity and because some of the problems are unpredictable.

Content Delivery Platform

Content delivery is a one way service whose main role is "to deliver". Some services run within a Content Delivery Platform, such as: File Delivery, IP Streaming, Distance Learning, Remote Controll, Special internet browsing, Video on demand, Email off line, Advertisment delivery. All these services offer to the one who uses it a great management power and we belive that it will be highly used in the close future, after the customers will understand its power and utility.

File delivery - allows you to deliver a file, at a high satellite speed, to a number of users which can be previously specified. This file can be a software, an update, a service pack, a video file, audio file, any file, of any size.

IP streaming - allows the users to receive a program including at same time: VIDEO, AUDIO, FILE DELIVERY, TEXT

Distance learning - allows the users to follow a distance learning course and to interact with the other students as soon as they will use an uplink facility.

Remote control - it is an extremely powerfull service acting as a trigger, for example when a file with a special content is created somewhere on the HDD, the computer should react in a special manner, and etc, there are unlimited posbilities to create such scenarios. For example, a headquarter bank that wants to send information to all its branches and partners will use such a service, the receivers are only required to have the unexpensive equipment and the link with the headquarter is directly and without any external interference, so virtually no security risk is involved.

Special internet browsing - is another extremely powerfull tool which allows the users from very remote areas where absolutely no uplink facility is available, to browse over the Internet without ANY UPLINK, and once again, using extremely unexpensive equipment. How is this working: we transmit over the satellite the content of a hundred Internet sites and the user will be able to receive only the ones he likes. Of course, a prior selection of the sites is required.

Video on demand - it is made in a manner somehow alike to the Satellite TV, we transmit over the satellite and only those who have the key will be able to watch the streaming.

Email off-line - itís a very usefull tools for the remote areas with very weak Internet uplink facilities. The emails are received via satellite without any Internet link.

Advertisment displaying - itís a completely new vision on advertising. Inside the big supermarkets or on the edge of the railroads we can see big billboards. We attach to each of them a computer equipment with a small satellite dish just for receiving. We then send over the satellite the advertisments in AVI or MPG format together with a text file which represents the scheduling of that advertisment. Once the files are received the advertisment on the billboards change and start displaying according to the schedule we made. It is the most convenient and easy to control solution in the advertising campaign.


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You can ask a question, or see some problems that other users have regarding our Satellite Internet Services


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